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About Da'Kota Ki 

      Da'Kota Ki Hair and Boutique was established in June 2019 in Edmond, Oklahoma.  I was motivated to start my own Hair Salon after being terminated from a franchised salon where I worked for 11 years. This set back was a blessing to motivate me to boss up and teach others how to work for themselves and become entrepreneurs.

        I constantly pray over my business plans and goals as I continue to grow my business and help others do the same. I am always manifesting the things I want out of my life and for my business. I say "I will have it all." "I will be successful." "I am reaching my goals today."


       I love being a boss, I will never work for anyone else. I feel like I was trapped and God had better opportunities for me. I changed my mindset to think bigger so that I can prove to myself and show others it CAN be done.


      So far I have invested in my business and started selling bundles, eye lashes and vest waist trainers.  I have also started to research vendor lists. I have been investing more money to find the top notch products and  vendors and help others start their business.  I coach people from starting a business, to modeling and more.


     The 11 years I worked for a company I was afraid to start my own business, but I'm blessed to have this opportunity of growing my brand and helping others do the same.  Honestly, it will never be the right time. You just need to fight your fears and have faith.

      In September 2019, I was motivated to get in the CBD industry.  I am already a fitness coach, and I wanted more. I wanted to help more people and tell my story along the way.  In May 2020, I was motivated to start my own CBD line during the quarantine.  During the pandemic, I know millions of people are dealing with anxiety and having issues sleeping, including myself. During the pandemic I loss my best friend, due to Covid 19. He was my biggest motivator and encouraged me to do more.  I can hear my best friend saying "you can do it frennnnn."

      I want to keep motivating and inspiring people to do it and don't wait. Once small , will always be big.  Stay consistent, Stay humble, and  dedicated to your business.  A lot of people will say I do too much; being a Hairstylist, Photographer, Boutique Owner, Model and Brand Ambassador.  I always say keep your options open and have a passion for everything you do.


      Thanks for supporting Da'Kota Ki Hair and the journey.

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